Stack 1(no time)

Stack 1 and Stack 2 are made of several individual films, some containing original footage of historical textiles. The pieces refer to the similarities between weaving and editing processes, visually building up time, events, emotions and material experience.

Stack 1 (no time) brings together imagery of texture with details of pre-renaissance paintings; thread and transitional objects, offer metaphors for all that is concrete, unchanging, indistinct and close. Woven structures, visually representing a rhythmic heart-beat, indicate an experience of connectedness, a unified, sensual richness outside or beyond time.

Stack 2 (rippling time) makes use of lace objects to introduce narratives built on gaps, absences, ephemera and illusions. Shadows, forms, magical stars and transitional places build into a pattern that is at any given moment emerging or withdrawing from view.

While recalling a view of the fragmented body through vertical composition and structure, the Stacks develop narratives whose origin repeatedly folds and unfolds through time: a potentially infinite process of entrances and exits, opening and closing, presence and absence.

Time length: 5 minutes

Format: DVD