Madre (two worlds)

Madre (white time)

The Madre series are an attempt to capture an experience of time, to define a dimension of experience linked to everyday life, to memory deposited in the body. They are strongly influenced by women artists’ and analysts’ writings on the subject of the mother and child relationship. They explore, in a computer-simulated format, how the “density” of that experience might be represented. A continuous present of waiting, repetition, extremes of emotion is shown through texture mapped animations designed to represent adjacent worlds.

Madre (two worlds) expresses fullness and emptiness, one flowing uncontrolled over a spherical landscape of tightly packed, dense, material structure; its companion world, a lacy expanse of voids and lack, a place of interval and withdrawal. Filmic time is replaced by live perception time, as the worlds spin in an open void.

Madre (white time) has two white worlds, texture mapped from tapestry and lace structures. These worlds develop a reference to”white noise” by evoking a blank time, an insistent absence. The spinning textures prolong the gaze in the imagination through a sense of touch, which is itself imagined.

Time length: 10 min, continuous loops

Format: DVD