Trees and Plants in Italian Renaissance Gardens

Summer is advancing, we are enjoying the layout and hard work of spring so  we are taking this opportunity to do some reading ...and research. Always seeking to extend the knowledge of planting that underpins our mediterranean, low water usage ethos, we're tracing the use of plants in antiquity,  understanding the use of these  traditional plants and the impact they might have within a 21st Century design layout.

Claudia Lazzaro's in depth study of the Italian Renaissance Garden, Yale University Press, 1990, focusses on the planning and historical development of the gardens around Rome and Florence, with an excellent bibliography and a useful Appendix gathered from many textual sources, documents, treatises and inventories of the gardens. Here she subdivides fifteenth and sixteenth century plant material according to its use in the gardens, also mentioning "exotic" plants introduced in the late sixteenth century.

Here is my take on the list.

Herbs and flowers to follow!