The tropical landscapes of Geoffrey Bawa

Tropical gardens and landscape inspiration.

Visual research of varied architectural practices - within gardens and landscape projects - is at the centre of esterni 's approach to garden design.

We learn and gain inspiration from the modern period, looking at a robust material aesthetic tempered by naturalistic planting and how that might be re-interpreted for today's clients.

This week we've been looking at the work of Geoffrey Bawa, active in Sri Lanka between the 60's and late 90's. His architectural practice is a harmonious fusion of local traditions with modern forms and sensibilities, drawn from studies at the Architectural Association in London and extensive travels in Italy. (One more reason for esterni to be interested!)

Below are some images taken from: Geoffrey Bawa: the complete works, David Robson, Thames and Hudson, 2002 and click here for a link to interesting related publications on tropical landscape architecture.

A domestic interior:

A central reception courtyard for a hotel:

A luxury hotel development integrated into an escarpment: a building to look out of, but not to be looked at.