Landscape architecture in Hampshire

Research, new ideas, understanding of the issues facing the landscape design sector are key to how we want to develop the portfolio and design ethos of our company. Last week one half of the Esterni Design Partnership attended an excellent talk at the Winchester Discovery Centre, Hampshire, UK. The speaker was Kim Wilkie, a distinguished and respected local landscape architect. The speaker identified a relationship between history, intended as the traces left on the landscape by human habitation over the centuries, and his practice's  design philosophy and work.

Historical landscapes

Hampshire has a tradition of grand homes with large green parks that are now being updated, in some cases re-working  original plans by Capability Brown. One of the private estates described was a particularly good interpretation of how we can adapt our present needs and aesthetic with frameworks inherited from the past.

Enjoy the green , green pictures of subtly structured landscape forms in this approach to sculpting the landscape.

New Thinking in Contemporary Landscape Design

Welcome to Esterni Design Partnership's new blog.  We'll illustrate and comment on landscaping trends, garden and planting designs and, in time, provide a fluid, stimulating and cross-disciplinary visual resource for great architecture and design of all things exterior: that will be plants (my passion), built elements, material combinations, historical and contemporary gardens, design objects, even travel!

Landscape Design for Health

We are an architect and a designer passionate about integrated design and the benefits of life outdoors, be it nature, park or garden. It was great to hear yesterday a feature on R4, "Costing the Earth", on new thinking being applied to the area of architecture and urban landscape design, called "active design".  In short, this is about designing buildings and cities so that  effort, (as well as recreational green space!), is put back into our daily living and working. This is in response to the lack of effect that 'instruction' by Government and Health bodies has had on on what is now being considered an epidemic of weight related illnesses. So 'construction', and the opportunity for architects and town planners to "design in" health into our daily routines is now being given a chance.

Here are some of my photos of a beautifully designed, healthy green space in Sidney, Australia on a refurbished reservoir site off the Oxford Road.

Paddington Reservoir gardens, Sidney, NSW

Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Sidney, NSW

Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Sidney, NSW

Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Sidney, NSW

Paddington reservoir gardens, Sidney, NSW