Sustainable Decking for Residential and Commercial Projects

This article is submitted by this week's guest contributor, Wood and Beyond, which we have the pleasure to host on our blog! At Esterni we are big fans of decking: smart, durable and a good link between garden and home, it features in several of our designs.

Decking is a type of flexible out-door structure which is made from composite or wood. Decking makes great addition to residential homes of all ages and is superb for businesses like pubs, clubs & hotels. If you are new to garden decking, and no one will blame you if you are, the amount of options might be confusing.

Why is decking popular?

Decking popularity originates from the structure’s ability to make better use of the garden by creating steps, recreational areas and because it is an affordable means to cover unwanted areas. For all but the simplest, low-level garden deck, property owners should satisfy themselves that planning regulations do not apply to their proposed structure which is another reason why decking is so popular. With the right care, decking will last for 25 to 30 years which is competitive with other garden structures. Decking could and should be sourced from sustainable forests. These are forests habitats where the wood is always replenished, so your garden structure is not only practical, but also environmentally friendly.

Ipe Decking: Originating from South America, Ipe is considered one of the strongest decking woods.

Iroko Decking: Iroko is extremely strong and durably, characters which make it a favorite wood in the boat building industry.

Teak Decking: Originating from Indonesia, Teak contains several natural oils which eliminate the need for any preservatives.

Is garden decking hard to maintain?

The key to garden decking up-keeping is regular cleaning. Cleaning will prevent the surface from becoming slippery in wet conditions due to deposits such as mildew, algae and fine mosses are allowed to build up over time. The best means to maintain the deck is to give decked surfaces a frequent brush with a stiff broom and to give them a thorough clean once a year in spring or autumn using either a power spray washer or a proprietary deck cleaning product.

If you are interested in garden decking talk to your garden designer or landscapers. Having the decking fitted by a professional is essential for achieving an optimal lifespan. It will give you access to the wealth of designs possible and top advice on finishes and maintenance procedures.

Article by Wood and Beyond. FSC accredited wood flooring and hardwood suppliers.