Planting for summer: the cutting garden

The Esterni Design Partnership ethos is to develop gardens as multi-layered emotional spaces; we mix modernist references, materials and forms with a more romantic, wild, drought tolerant planting style influenced by the italian countryside.

Our mission is to introduce opportunities to making a positive, individual contribution towards environmental stewardship;  a whole load of garden owners can make a difference to their local ecology and environmental well being through making the most of plant selection.....So, one of our specialisms (passion, more)  is designing with plant and flower collections.

Below  I am posting images of the first collections we have put together for those of you who might be interested in growing your own cutting garden, either from seed or plants you can get in nurseries or garden centres. Most of these plants are annuals, which means you sow them and cut the flowers in the same year, and because they are swift growing, hungry plants, it is not really possible to reduce water demand substantially.


these collections are butterfly friendly, and you can improve the biodiversity of your plot by just selecting simple, non double flowers, which enable insects to get easily to the nectar!

Plus, we hope you like the look and colour of the plants, as this takes us back to the idea of multi-layered emotional experiences:  pleasure, warmth,  relaxation and a trigger for memory....

Let us know if you like them and the idea of the collections....and if you would like to know the species and names, then e-mail me below or post a comment..