Integrated modern landscapes

As the weather turns warmer and we begin to think of letting the outside in, and viceversa, we are looking at iconic and contemporary projects that integrate the house within its landscape, a central feature of the esterni approach. There are examples of entrance gardens, in the work of Vladimir Sitta, and modernist inspired new build projects, where thought is given to the porousness of inside and outside.

Canoe Reach, Brisbane, Australia

Canoe Reach, a private residence on the Brisbane River, Australia, by Steendyk Design Studio, has an impressive fifty five thousand litre underground rainwater tank that captures water from the roof and grounds for the garden reticulation system. The residence features natural cross-ventilation throughout with the use of single-depth rooms. The parasol courtyard roof opens on three sides to expel hot air, and ventilation slots located at the back of the central courtyard ventilate the garage below. The single-pane glazing of the pavilion is tinted and treated to the equivalent of double-insulated glass, and retractable external blinds protect the west-facing façades. The result is a residence that employs architectural detail to define spaces and engages the senses.

Modern courtyard by Rob Steiner

Gunlogsson residence, Denmark, 1958.