Garden design ideas - modern textures

Continuing our research into the best examples of  integration between interior and exterior spaces, in this post we turn to the work of architect Kevin Low.

An esssay by Anoma Pieris, in New Directions in Tropical Asian Architecture, describes Low's inner city projects as having an 'agenda of reclaiming the direct effects of textures, often lost in modern urbanism.... Low's designs draw on Modernist and Postmodern vocabularies: of the engineer and the bricoleur.   ... responding to the material at hand in the Malaysian building industry and with a sympathetic appreciation of the local climate.'

We propose some of his architectural images as suggestions for a more intuitive and integrated approach to residential projects: the inventive use of simple and inexpensive materials- a strategy that reflects the Esterni ethos of creativity and sustainability- allies with the concept of the extended house as a series of  courtyards or garden rooms. Austere spaces mingle with luxurious pools, achieved with low maintenance materials and planting.

Louvrebox House- Kevin Low

Brickwall House

Lightwell House