Contemporary Garden Design-Furniture

Though these chairs were launched a couple of years ago, they are still relatively unseen, particularly in more residential urban areas.

At Esterni Design Partnership we offer our clients the wide range of our design knowledge (chairs are only the start!) and passion for high quality objects that can enhance our spaces and raise our spirits, through their good looks and reduced environmental footprint. Tropicalia is woven from 3 colours of polypropylene thread on a steel frame, and comes also as a garden nest!

Tropicalia comes also as a more sedate armchair.....

And these are the Little Albert, made with resistant material for interiors or exteriors.

Little Albert, Urquiola

And Madame Dakar, which employs the plastic thread weaving as it was developed for making fishing nets...

The colours and materials may take a little getting used to, but with the right materials, paving, parasols and planting will make a huge difference to the use and enjoyment of your exterior... lets be brave in 2011!