Clio is an artist, academic and researcher in the field of textiles.  She has a Masters degree in Fine Art-Tapestry from the Royal College of Art, and a continuous track record of international exhibitions and research projects.  After 15 years as a Senior Lecturer in Textiles at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, she is now working as a Research Fellow for PLUSTEX, a 3 year Interreg IV European Union project.  

Through her critical and creative engagement in textiles and design, Clio has developed several research themes; the cultural history of textiles and its representation in creative video;  scholarly article contributions on interdisciplinary links between textiles and critical theory; EU funded projects on digital preservation of textile company and museum archives. 

Below is an excerpt from Sue Prichard’s introduction to her work, written for the Berlin Project-Temporal Relations publication.

Padovani’s [woven and moving images] demonstrate an extraordinary ability to transcend time…[When asked] she describes her desire to discover a new dimension, a new way of thinking about textiles, one which would connect the individual with the collective, the personal with the universal…Padovani chooses her medium with care, keen to exploit its ability to weave her narrative, constructing events and experiences with infinite care and attention to detail. She creates poetic interpretations, using technology as a tool, not to drive the creative process, but to act as the interface between us, her public, and our textile heritage.
It takes an intellectual and indeed, emotional leap of faith to open up to the cultural references embedded in Padovani’s work. No longer do we have time to spend ‘making’, yet the same skill, the sense of the hand, is employed [now] in a very different way – the keyboard has overtaken the loom, the bobbin [and] the needle. Uniquely, Padovani has taken this contradiction and created something ethereal – both suspending and regaining time, acknowledging the loss of the moment, whilst celebrating its memory.
Sue Prichard, Curator, Contemporary Textiles, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Current research investigations, based on an interest in the composition of a "social fabric", explore public policy initiatives for the textile and clothing sector in the UK, to contribute to knowledge about social innovation and sustainable communities.


Clio is also Faculty Education Coordinator for the Faculty of Business and Law, University of Southampton. 


Eclipse series: digital animations with mapping of archival lace and hand-woven tapestry.